Super Bowl Insurance Commercials: Over the Years

Super Bowl Insurance Commercials: Over the Years

February 14, 2023

Normally, television commercials are a time for people to chat, take a bathroom break, or fast-forward through ads. But one day every year, this trend is flipped on its head. When the Super Bowl airs, many Americans tune in just for the commercials. People even shush one another while the ads air instead of during the main event. But the Super Bowl isn’t any other television program. 

Super Bowl commercials are like small Hollywood films, boasting celebrities, stellar video quality, and well-developed storylines. It makes sense why. The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched television events in the country, with nearly 113 million viewers tuning in for this year’s matchup. With so many viewers, many companies choose to go big or go home when it comes to their television ads. 

The Insurance Super Bowl Commercials 

Many Super Bowl commercials that have captured audiences came from insurance agencies. As insurance experts, TruView decided to take a look at some of the most significant ads of all time. 

Past Commercials

Here’s a look at some of the biggest insurance super bowl commercials over the years: 

  • Drake from State Farm: This classic ad from 2021 showed the famous rapper working as a not-so-happy stand-in for the company’s popular spokesperson. 
  • Bring Me to InsurAAAnce: This 2022 commercial reworked a classic pop-punk song into its own insurance anthem. CSAA, which offers home and auto insurance policies, struck a chord with millennials with this one. 
  • Portabellas: Progressive’s commercials are so well-known that you don’t even need them to say their company name to know it’s their ad. That’s precisely what they did in 2020 when their usual cast of characters worked as servers at a restaurant – Portabellas – instead of as insurance salespeople. Even though they don’t utter a word about car, home, or renters insurance, everyone knew it was an insurance commercial. 


The 2023 Super Bowl was surprisingly lacking in insurance commercials. But one popular company decided to take a different route. The stadium sponsors of the event, State Farm, opted out of paying millions for a Super Bowl TV commercial to instead focus on a social media strategy. The well-known insurance agency and their fictional spokesperson “Jake from State Farm,” focused on a younger audience by developing a campaign for their auto and home insurance policies for TikTok.

Insurance Can Be Fun – Let Us Help!

What do all these clever ads show us? Well, that insurance can be fun! At TruView, we’re no strangers to having a good time. We use our expert skills to prioritize client satisfaction and success. We’re your neighbors and always look for better ways to protect you.

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