Pest Control Insurance

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There are several dangers associated with running a pest control service. You are in people's homes and places of business.  You’re doing work that might affect their health and safety. As a result, you and your company need to be covered by a comprehensive pest control insurance plan.

Whether you specialize in termite control, general pest maintenance, rodent control, or any other type of pest control, TruView works with a number of programs, including those endorsed by industry associations.

Our goal is to provide you with specialized, expert service that can help your business achieve its goals, including:

  • Contract Review
    • Bidding on a job that has specific insurance requirements? We routinely review these contracts for our clients so they have an understanding of whether there are any impacts to their insurance costs. This allows you to adjust your bid accordingly.
  • Experience Mod Reduction
    • We have a few programs that help reduce your experience mod factor on your workers compensation policy. Not only will these programs reduce your costs for workers’ compensation, but it will allow you to bid on jobs that require your experience mod to be below a certain level. Therefore, these programs have a dual impact of reducing costs and increasing your opportunity for revenue
  • Driver Review
    • Finding drivers these days is difficult enough! Our agency provides a review of any driver you wish to add to the policy in order to protect your business from investing in hiring a driver that won’t be qualified to drive.
  • Certificate of Insurance Turnaround
    • 98% of our customers receive the certificate of insurance that they’ve requested within 60 minutes of their request.
    • 100% of our customers receive the certificate of insurance that they’ve requested within 24 hours.
    • Tired of not getting paid on a contract because your insurance agent still hasn’t sent the proper certificate? You won’t have that problem with us!
Common Coverages for Pest Control Services

Common Coverages for Pest Control Services

  • General Liability
    • Required by most contracts you’ll enter into with property owners, community associations, homeowners, and other potential customers.
    • Provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage in the event of your negligence
    • Many contracts will require to be listed as an additional insured and/or have waiver of subrogation on this policy.
  • Specialized Liability Coverages
    • Professional Liability
    • Job-site Pollution w/ Clean Up Cost Coverage
    • WDI, Treatment, Inspection
    • Transit Pollution
    • Termite Treatment & Inspection Coverage
    • And many more depending on your business’s area of specialty
  • Property
    • Provides coverage for your property while it’s located at your office, storage facility, warehouse, or other company premises.
  • Equipment Coverage
    • Provides coverage for your equipment while it’s out on a jobsite or in transit to/from a jobsite
  • Commercial Auto
    • Provides coverage for your vehicles and any liability that may arise from your use of those vehicles
    • You should make sure that your trailers are listed on this policy as well.
  • Workers’ Compensation
    • Required by law in most states
    • Provides coverage for employees who are injured while working